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- Germany's world-renowned climate researcher

Let yourself be carried away by an exciting lecture by the world-renowned climate and ocean researcher Professor Stefan Rahmstorf. For more than 30 years, Rahmstorf has been researching climate change and its consequences, and he presents his findings in a comprehensible way with vivid graphics and animations.

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– Professor Rahmstorf

In technically sound but easily understandable presentations, Professor Rahmstorf manages to convey the most important facts and findings on climate change to any audience. Rahmstorf writes a regular column for Der Spiegel and his book for young people "Wolken, Wind & Wetter" (Clouds, Wind & Weather) was awarded Environmental Book of the Year in 2012. award.

In 2022, Prof. Rahmstorf was ranked 4th in the world among climate researchers with the most Twitter followers, behind three US colleagues. Be inspired by a rousing lecture on the climate. As a keynote speaker, Prof. Rahmstorf will give you and your clients or employees a clear, exciting and optimistic understanding of the topic!

| Research on climate change in Earth's history, today and in the future - Research on clouds, wind and weather

The climate is changing and humans are influencing it through their use of energy and land. The speaker Professor Rahmstorf explains the state of research from ice ages to modern climate change and shows how global warming can still be stopped. He has received international awards not only for his research but also for his communication of knowledge: the Environmental Media Prize, the ZEIT Knowledge Prize, the Climate Communication Prize of the American Geophysical Union and the Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication - the latter two as the first and so far only researcher outside the USA.

Rahmstorf's most important research focuses include the effects of climate change on weather extremes. on weather extremes, on the tipping points of the Earth system, on sea level and on the Gulf of sea level and on the Gulf Stream system.

As a co-author and author of more than 135 scientific publications in renowned journals such as PNAS, Science and Nature, Rahmstorf has made a name for himself worldwide. and also advised the German government for 8 years.

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What factors are responsible for our climate, how does global climate change occur and what countermeasures need to be taken? Two internationally leading experts give a compact and comprehensible overview of the current state of our knowledge and point out possible solutions.

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