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Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf has been sharing his knowledge about the situation of climate protection and his research results for years and very regularly, among others for Der Spiegel. The following is a link to the latest articles: Der Spiegel.

He is also a successful book author and writes about his findings in the following 3 books.

| Climate change

Climate change is on everyone's lips - not least after the unique series of devastating weather extremes in recent years. In view of its drastic significance for nature and civilisation, this is no wonder. But what is actually meant by climate change, and what factors are responsible for it? Two internationally recognised climate experts provide a compact and comprehensible overview of the current state of our knowledge and point out possible solutions. For the 8th edition, the classic book on climate change has been brought up to date with the latest research.

| Clouds, Wind & Weather

In a new book from the successful Children's University series, Potsdam climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf tells us what exciting things the Earth's atmosphere has to offer: Lightning and thunder, snow and hail, tornadoes, hurricanes and fluffy formations with strange names that sometimes leave you pretty wet. He explains what distinguishes weather from climate, why palm trees don't grow at the North Pole, what researchers learn from a three-kilometre-long popsicle and why everything would be nothing without the sea. Last but not least, he also gives an answer to the question why it is getting warmer and warmer on Earth.

| How Threatened Are The Oceans?

The oceans are a foundation of our lives -- they regulate our climate and are an important source of food. But we are destroying them through global warming, overfishing and pollution. This will have devastating consequences if we do not rethink and act quickly. This volume shows approaches on how we can effectively protect our oceanic ecosystems.

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