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Professor Rahmstorf is equally fluent in German or English, having spent many years researching in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. His lectures are at the cutting edge of current research, but he puts himself in the shoes of his audience and does not overwhelm anyone.

His lectures explain the basic facts about climate change or can focus on more specific topics, such as weather extremes, oceans, tipping points, climate change in Earth's history or sceptic arguments, as desired. The solution options for climate protection also come up, based on his many years of work in the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) of the German Federal Government.

"Stefan Rahmstorf showed us in an entertaining way what we can do better as a company. Thanks to the speaker, we have significantly minimised our ecological footprint!"


Humanity in the climate crisis - the most important facts and figures

  • Heat and drought, shrinking ice masses, a weakening Gulf Stream system, rising sea levels and a never-ending succession of weather extremes - what are the latest data on global warming?
  • Is the cause of global warming scientifically proven?
  • And what does the Paris Climate Agreement mean for us - how can global warming still be stopped well below the 2 degree limit?


Climate change and the future of the oceans

  • The global temperature is already higher than at any time in the history of human civilisation, and it continues to rise
  • The world's oceans are also massively affected - 93 percent of the additional heat energy absorbed in the course of global warming ends up in the ocean
  • This leads not only to a warming of seawater and "marine heat waves", but also to sea level rise, weakening of the Gulf Stream system and coral mortality.


Heat, drought, floods - what is happening to our weather?

  • Since the turn of the millennium, the world has seen an unprecedented accumulation of weather extremes.
  • In Germany, too, we are affected, from the Elbe flood in 2002 and the "summer of the century" in 2003 to the droughts since 2018 and the flood disaster in the Ahr valley in 2021.
  • How much of this is due to climate change, what do the worldwide data analyses show? What are the physical mechanisms behind it, and what can be expected in the future?


Tipping points in the climate system

  • Global warming continues to advance
  • There is an increasing danger that tipping points in the climate system will be crossed, turning profound and fateful changes for humanity into unstoppable self-perpetuators.
  • These include, for example, the loss of the ice sheets on Greenland and the West Antarctic with fatal consequences for the coastal areas of the earth, or a drying up of the Gulf Stream system.

More topics

  • Climate change in the history of the earth: What we can learn from the ice ages for the futureSceptics' theories on climate: What's the truth?
  • Science oder Fiction? Klima im Film
  • Science or Fiction? Climate in film
  • Land Under? Climate and sea level
  • Is the Gulf Stream weakening?

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